It’s only a two hour course, but it definitely boosted my visibility at the office!
— Frans de Loo

Leaving a good impression. Perhaps the single most important skill for anybody with career ambitions.

And, sometimes, the hardest thing to do - especially when you have to improvise. Water cooler conversations, job interviews, and question rounds in meetings and presentations can be the key to success, or absolute disasters, with hardly anything in between.

A co-production between The Vocal Coach and 3310 - School for Millennials, the WATER COOLER ESSENTIALS course provides the essential tools to make the most of every spontaneous encounter.

Through a series of exercises, the course introduces a clear toolkit to shape and reshape the content and the presentation (voice, body language) on the spot. Through a series of subsequent case simulations, you’ll then get to practise the toolkit, preparing you for the real deal out there.

Wanna learn more or book a course, for yourself or your company?

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