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“By far the best vocal coach I’ve ever met. Joep has great a technique and has the friendly and welcoming personality needed to make you feel comfortable with your own voice. So valuable! I definitely recommend him!”
— Amanda Beugeling, Amsterdam
Joep is the real deal. He helped me put the last piece of the puzzle to building my brand. Great atmosphere at the classes and he’s exceptional at motivating and bringing out the best out of you. A class act, knows his craft and an overall great dude!
— Bartosz Cagara, Berlijn
“The atmosphere in Joep’s sessions is marked by a very nonjudgemental and encouraging approach to your voice. He is really interested in the development and self-discovery of his students.”
— Jan Wigger, Berlijn
“Bevlogen, energiek, vakkundig en geduldig. En altijd vol enthousiasme, plezier en creativiteit!”
— Sarah Oortgijs, Amsterdam
“I had a bunch of different music teachers (including the ones from renown music academies) and i was not reaching the results i was aiming to. With Joep, I made a huuuge improvement already within couple of lessons. He does not stick to the old obsolete exercises for singers, but actually knows a lot of modern and efficient methods to train singers, not to mention being inspirational, charismatic and understanding all the time. I would definitely recommend every beginner or an advanced singer (regardless the music style) to try to squeeze in Joep’s busy schedule for at least an hour!”
— Anastasia Sanselzon, Berlijn
“Absolut empfehlenswert!!! Die letzten vier Jahre mit Joep waren immer erfüllend und bereichernd. Er versteht es, Spaß und Technik toll zu kombinieren, sodass man sich mit Freude weiterentwickeln kann. Sein Charisma und seine gute Laune sowie ein wundervolles Talent fürs Unterrichten sind wirklich einzigartig. Wer noch nicht bei ihm war, hat was verpasst ;)”
— Sophia Karmeli, Berlijn
“This guy knows what’s up and how it works. Excellent knowledge of the voice and the didactic skills to teach you how to use it!”
— Daan Dragt, Berlijn
“Joep is een zeer enthousiaste en vriendelijke docent die je zo snel mogelijk aan het zingen brengt tijdens de les, maar die ook een zeer brede theoretische achtergrond heeft die hij ook graag deelt als je dat wilt.”
— Mark Opfer, Amsterdam